Promotional Products

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• Pen Branding
• T-Shirt Branding

Promotional Products

A challenge faced by most businesses is how to cost-effectively achieve ongoing brand visibility and ultimately, sales. Given it is much more cost effective to market to your existing clientele than attempt to convert new customers, why not focus on rewarding who you’ve already won over and let them do your brand marketing for you.

Offering everything from corporate gifts, personalized calendars and branded bags to branded mouse mats and magnets, Tie-in can help you leave your customers with a lasting gift that also functions as an ongoing reminder of your company’s great products and services. Customized promotional products, such as branded umbrellas and pens will advertise your business to many more people than simply the customer to whom you gave the original gift. Every time they use your promotional product, they’re helping to keep your brand in the spotlight.

Branded Mouse Mats

A popular product to give to others in business, a branded mouse mat is an effective promotional tool for you and a useful item for your customers.


Branded Pens

Always handy, branded pens and rulers are an affordable way to give your company ongoing visibility. Come up with your own logo design or let a Tie-in designer do it for you.

Branded Mugs

A branded mug makes an interesting and well-received gift for your customers. Tie-in can not only print the mugs for you, it can also source the best ones to use.


Personalized Calendars

Able to be personalized for individual customers with Tie-in’s variable data printing, calenders will remind people about your services every day of the year